Hello there, fella hoomin moomin!

This is a site full of randomness. I am warning you now it is 100% random. Never mind 90% of it is food.. The reason this is 90% food is because I love food. I wish eating food was a full time job since I spend most of my day doing it or complaining that I'm hungry. The remaining 10% is probably made up of puns since they are eggcellent or disney and cute characters that I find adorable. Theres bound to be some more random things here and there though since I'm indecisive.

Meet my sweet tooth

The first image is of 3 pat bingsu's they are a korean shaved ice dessert and they taste really good, great all year round food. The second image is of a matcha brulee and the last is a cute bunny ice cream from a place called shirokuma which originated from japan. The fourth image are of macarons and the rest are an assortment of lollies and candies I cannot live without

Food is the best

Long story short food is the best! Food food foodedy food food.I love all food from everywhere.

Meet my favourite characters.

1. Ryan the loveable lion is a male lion born without a mane. This broad and burly lion has the heart of a lamb,hence why he became the leader of the kakao friends group. Ryan is ready to become ruler of doong doong island but he said island royalty aint for him. 2. Kumamon Japans tourist bear. Kumamon was created to attract tourists from around the world to come to a not so well known part of japan, but has now turned into a billion dollar phenomenon all over the world. His adorable feautures and character make him the loveable tourist attraction bear he is. 3. We bare bears,ice bear, grizz and pan pan this dynamic trio of bears are an adorbale famiy who love being together and love causing mischief these adorable bears have a friend named chloe a genius prodigy korean girl who studies in the local university. Grizz is the leader among the three who is determined to forever stay with his brothers, Pan pan is a loveable squish ball who longs for a girlfriend and is obsessed with social media and fame but loves his brothers the most and ice bear is a quite slightly withdrawn member of the family with mad skills in everything and cares for his two other brothers when they quarrel or cause a slight commotion due to their stupid decisions.

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